Empire DEX


Official Documentation for EmpireDEX.

Getting Started

For information on taking part in a Liquidity Generation Event for a new network, information can be found on the LGE page.

Note: EmpireDEX was originally launched on BSC, with the associated token being under the ticker of EMPIRE. Each network that EmpireDEX is deployed on has it’s own associated token with seperate ticker names. As each token has the same tokenomics & structure, the information throughout the documentation is relevant to all networks/Empire tokens, but for clarities sake DEX will be referenced. In instances of referring to DEX/COIN LP, COIN/backing token refers to the native token for that chains EmpireDEX (COIN = BNB on BSC, COIN = FTM on Fantom etc.). DEX = EMPIRE on BSC, FDEX on Fantom, ADEX on Avalanche etc.

Web3 Wallet Support

  • Metamask

  • Trust Wallet

  • WalletConnect

Key Features

EmpireDEX features include:

Exchange Fees

0.3% fees on swaps broken down in the following: Liquidity Pools

  • 0.25% passively rewarded to Liquidity Providers

  • 0.05% sells into a Stablecoin Vault for EMPIRE/COIN LP providers

Yield Farming

The highest performing liquidity pairs in the EmpireDEX will be eligible to earn rewards on Prism Network.

  • DEX Rewards


Stake BUSD/BNB -> earn EMPIRE Stake WETH/BNB -> earn EMPIRE

DEX LP Features

  • Permanently locked to be able to “Weaponize Liquidity” and sweep COIN to boostrap COIN rewards for DEX/COIN LP pair

  • Exclusive Access to claim stablecoins from the Stablecoin Vault

  • Highest allocation of DEX rewards in staking pools

  • Yield of COIN rewards in staking pools


Copyright 2021 EmpireDEX under the Apache License, Version 2.0.